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Since everything is digital, online learning has become one of the most sought-after learning and teaching courses. It’s not a surprise that a lot of individuals are looking for tools to assist schools or mentors shift.

Of all the online courses platforms, Thinkific may be the most well-known. It lets you create your courses and offer them for sale. Additionally is that you can make use of the courses to create membership websites. In just few minutes of editing tools, you can create your course with all the images, videos as well as text files you need.

Thinkific is a great platform with many options to assist you in constructing your course if you’ve been on the lookout for the best platform. Since there are so many things to look into and consider, we created this guide to provide you with a better understanding of the features, drawbacks and benefits.

However, we must be careful – this is quite a long blog. If you’re not a fan of reading, then this video may be more beneficial. It will provide all the knowledge you’ll require. You’ll be able to gauge whether Thinkific is right for you or not.

Let’s now take an in-depth look at Thinkific in more detail.


Before you go on, you may want to watch this video by Buildapreneur on YouTube that gives a quick overview. After, you will want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review of Thinkific.

What is Thinkific? Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

Thinkific was co-founded by Greg Smith. The company was started when Greg Smith was looking to take his LSAT course online. His twin brother Matt Smith helped him reach more students.

As time passed the online course he taught began to take off. Soon, students, businesses and entrepreneurs began seeking advice on how to do the same. The brothers, along with their cofounders Matt Payne and Miranda Lievers started to develop Thinkific.

Today, Thinkific has been used by more than 36,000 creators of courses all over the world. In addition, organizations like Samsung, Aweber, and Hootsuite also used the course.

With Thinkific You can make your sales page with your brand. You can collect payments efficiently and allow users access to your courses.

Additionally, Thinkific has been accessed by over 16 million students across 164 countries.

Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

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What are the main features?

Thinkific lets you design your own course even if you don’t have a technical background. With it, you can promote your online courses with the built-in marketing tools. It also lets you track your progress with its monitoring system.

This is just a general overview of Thinific’s features. Let’s take an in-depth look at each.

Website Builder

Before you are able to begin offering your classes, you’ll have to develop the website you have created. Thinkific offers tools to help you, especially if you don’t have a technical background. Below are tools to aid you.

SSL Certificate

Securing information is needed to protect not just you but as well your pupils. Thinkific offers a basic SSL certificate available for all plans. If you want to customize it then you must purchase Their Premier package.

Custom Domain

Having your domain can make you look more professional. Thinkific allows its customers to use the free subdomain. Anyone who is on the free plan are able to take advantage of this service.


If you’re not sure what to do with your website, Thinkific offers themes and templates you can utilize to guide you. It is easy to customize each one to suit your brand’s. Thinkific offers 3 themes that you can pick from, each with 10 variations that can be used as your foundation.

Drag and Drop Builder

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you don’t require any technical background to build your website with Thinkific. All you have to do is pick the features you want, then choose and select the features you’d like to your site.

You can select from their templates or create new designs from scratch. You can drag and drop elements such as banners, countdown times, call-to-action, or checklists.


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Course Builder

Course Layout Customization

Apart from customizing your web layout, you are able to do the same with every one of your courses. But some plans offer a limited selection of options.

You can change your theme, include your logo, or even labels for your lesson. Some options will allow you to highlight your company’s name.

Multi-Content Support

The teaching method should incorporate as many types of content as it is possible. This assists students in learning through various methods. For Thinkific it supports twelve formats of their material. If you’re moving from different software, Thinkific has a Bulk Importer option that can make the process simpler for you. The following can be uploaded in your course:


  • Video
  • Audio
  • PDF
  • Text
  • Quiz
  • Survey
  • Presentations
  • Assignments
  • Live feed
  • Exams
  • Downloads
  • Drip Content

It is possible to require your students to have prerequisites prior to accessing certain classes. Moreover, drip content allows you to set a timeframe for when you can make the content available. It can be through the milestones of the student, the enrollment date or the date of start.

Completion Certificates

You can also design completion certificates using their templates. Each of the templates can be modified to match your brand. It is possible to add your logo, alter the fonts and colors. You could even get a certificate if the student completes all of your courses.

Marketing Tools

With Thinkific You can gain access to many marketing tools to advertise your courses. It is possible to add widgets as well as third-party integrations, such as Aweber as well as Mailchimp. Additionally, you can use other platforms you can make use of to automate, analyze as well as e-commerce, student access, and tools for growth.

They also include an affiliate program tracker. The only issue is that Thinkific doesn’t support payments for your affiliates. It is necessary to pay via an alternative platform.

Analysis and Reporting

Getting insights about your course will assist you in improving the course for your students. It will help you track the level of engagement and sales. You can also monitor your orders, revenue, and even student engagement.

Student Management

Thinkific has the student onboarding process which can help students understand your course. If you have set up a system for them, they’ll get email notifications, emails as well as access to community.


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Who is Thinkific best suited for?

The Thinkific platform is perfect for those who wish to develop online courses. It is used by coaches, mentors, online teachers, entrepreneurs and digital marketing platforms and educational institutions. It can also be used by companies and establishments for online business training and business coaching.

What is the price plan?

Currently, Thinkific offers four plans to choose from. Each plan has features that are targeted to your needs. Here’s the complete list of features.

Free Plan

Thinkific isn’t only offering a free trial period. If you don’t have the time to create lots of courses per month, then this one can be helpful to you. Even if it’s not free, you can use the tools that you require to build the online courses you want to offer.

It is recommended for people who are new to the idea or just testing if this is right for them. In addition, you’ll have access to its main features like content hosting, the ability to create quizzes and surveys, customer support, unlimited students, and even the tools to make unlimited courses and have instant access to your money.

Basic Plan

If you’re interested in creating online courses, the Basic Plan includes all the features and tools you need for your business. It’s $49 if pay monthly. If you want to make it a year-long payment it will cost you $39 per month.

Basic Plan Basic Plan has additional features which can assist in scaling your business. For instance, you could schedule content as well as Thinkific Academy Basic Courses. Thinkific Academy Basic Courses. It is also possible to include coupons and promotions. You can also have a unique student email and you can even have your own domain.

In addition, you will gain the access to their app store. You can also create unlimited courses through their Basic plan.

Pro Plan

Thinific’s Pro Plan is one of the most well-liked of the plans that they have available. If you pay annually, you will only need to pay $79 per month. You can finally have your life lessons, completion certificates and even create the communities of your pupils by purchasing your Pro Plan.

There is also the option of having secret and private classes for your customers and offer them to choose a flexible pricing or subscription. If you have lessons that need prerequisites, you are able to stop the course until your students complete them.

It’s perfect for people who want to offer courses more often or those who have to handle more students.

Pro + Growth Plan

If you’re using Pro but need a slight improvement to make it more user-friendly, Pro + Growth Pro Plus Growth program will help you meet your objectives. Furthermore, it lets you to market your courses to organizations and groups. If you’re selling courses aimed to improve the skills of workers, then utilizing this strategy could be your most brilliant move.

Premier Plan

Premier Plan: The Premier Plan is at $499 per month. It’s great for people looking to scale up their business or for educational institutions that are moving their classes online. It allows you to manage 5 admin accounts on your website as well as unlimited courses, content, and students.

Moreover, it has all the features as well as unlimited communities. They also include 15 group analysts exam integration, white labeling and an onboarding package.

Plus Plan

If you find that the Premier Plan constraining, Thinkific also has the Plus Plan. Apart from white labeling emails, it will allow the course to be branded with your branding. The prices may vary depending on your specifics. Contact the team to get a quote.


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Thinkific Pros and Cons

To find out if Thinkific is right for your business, here’s a summary of its pros and cons.


  • Simple setup
  • Allows customizations
  • The support team is readily available
  • Incorporates an onboarding process for students Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog
  • Offers custom domain


  • No funnel builder
  • Lacks chat support Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog
  • Third party email providers are required.


The Thinkific tool is fantastic, especially when you’re in search of an online course creator tool that offers all the features you require. From creating courses, to creating your web site Thinkific can help you manage your business. Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

Additionally, the platform will support your business by providing you with tools to analyze, market, and even securing your data.

They also provide a free plan for those yet to get started with this type of business. If you’re a part of a larger institution or academy they can also design specific plans that will satisfy your requirements.

FAQ Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

Here are the top frequently asked questions regarding Thinkific.

Where is Thinkific’s headquarters?

The headquarters of Thinkific is located in 369 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver, Canada.

Are the courses accessible through a smartphone?

Thinkific offers mobile-friendly classes. It’s fully responsive, and can be rendered on any device, regardless of whether it’s the smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Do you have any transactions costs?

Thinkific doesn’t charge any additional charges for transactions. No matter if you’re a subscriber to the premium or free plan, there’s no transaction fees so that you’ll have less operating costs.

Does Thinkific utilize LMS-based software?

LMS, also known as Software for managing learning, is essential to help promote education and training courses. Students can access the lessons through it, even when they are in text as well as written formats.

What are the restrictions of the free plan?

Thinkific provides a no-cost plan that includes all the tools you’ll require. However, you can only offer one course. If you want to provide more than one course, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan.


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Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog


Online courses are now one of the most profitable . Everyone wants to learn new skills so they can advance their careers. As for content creators, sharing a valuable skill with others gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge and earn passive income on the side.

Teaching is a talent that is already a skill. The teaching online experience is completely different thing completely. You’ll need to know how to make your online course, and also prepare other things like reworking your lesson schedules.

There are a lot of platforms that can help you with this. One of the most well-known is Thinkific. But there are also other platforms that are competing for the top spot.

We’re sure you’re trying to determine which one is the most effective. After all, finding the right one for you just means you did a great job investing.

In the course of our review we reviewed five rivals – Kajabi, Teachable, LearnWorlds, Podia, and Mighty Networks, so you don’t have to try them one after another.

It can be tiring to read this review. If you’d like to multitask and work on other projects, you can visit this channel by Tricycle Creative on YouTube to listen to their reviews. You can clean your room and make a cup coffee while listening to them in the background.

If you prefer to read, then let’s get started.


Thinkific vs Kajabi Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

Each of Kajabi and Thinkific are both platforms that aid in creating content for learning. Although both provide similar capabilities and features, each focuses on different methods of delivering the content.

For example, Kajabi is geared towards providing marketing tools such as sales automation taggers. Moreover, it has a landing page as well as an email builder, whereas Thinkific includes a website building tool. Both might sound similar however each has an entirely different goal.

Kajabi will help you build your sales funnels, while Thinkific is your best bet for those who are focusing on creating several courses. If you need to create additional leads to promote your courses, then Kajabi might be better than Thinkific. It will help you develop your marketing strategy to build more traction.

Since Kajabi is specifically focused on the sales and marketing side of your course, it has its limitations. In contrast to Thinkific, Kajabi doesn’t offer certificates. Thinkific offers a no-cost plan for people who are just creating the online reputation of their business. Kajabi, on the other hand, offers a 14-day trial.

You will also need to subscribe to the growth plan rather than their basic plan if you’re planning to remove Kajabi’s branding from your training course.

On the other hand, Thinkific offers a website and a course builder. The number of courses you are able to take will depend on the plan you choose.

In the final analysis, it comes down to what you want to achieve. If promoting your course not your goal in this case, the real winner would be Thinkific. Additionally, this platform will assist you in testing your course since they offer a free plan that includes all the essential features. If the experience is satisfactory for you, you can upgrade to their paid plans.

If you’re an expert digital marketer Kajabi might have the marketing tools you need. However, if you’re beginning as an online course creator then Thinkific will be more suitable for your needs.

Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

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Thinkific . Teachable

Teachable is another one that fares well against Thinkific. It was launched in 2014 and is now home to more than 23 million students and 83,000 instructors.

Although both are similar to their project, Thinkific focuses on offering superior design and Teachable offers more marketing analysis features.

Teachable isn’t offering an unlimited plan, as does Thinkific. But the basic plan they offer is less expensive than Thinkific. We suggest using Thinkific’s free plan if you’re just testing whether course creation is a suitable business option for you.

Moreover, Teachable has better data analysis tools that you can use. It can greatly improve your marketing plan. It is also possible to run marketing campaigns that will be successful. Additionally, it has marketing features that let you add to your student’s journey.

But, you have to be aware that Thinkific provides greater security. It has a higher uptime than Teachable. It also has additional security features to protect you and your students secure from being hacked.

While both platforms offer a good list of marketing capabilities but it’s more affordable to use Thinkific’s free plan. Although Teachable offers better marketing analytical tools, it might be more beneficial to get Thinkific’s free or basic plan since you get almost the same means.

In the end, Teachable may be more budget-friendly, but the features they offer differ. Which one you choose depends on the features you need. Additionally, Teachable is more constrained with the payment options it offers.

Both platforms offer an unlimited amount of videos as well as students with the premium plan. Although they do not offer unlimited courses, they both offer affordable prices. However, as we said earlier, you can use the basic features using Thinkific’s free plan alone and this is something Teachable does not offer.

Thinkific Vs. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds was established in 2014 as a platform for small course providers. Since then, they’ve ventured into catering to larger providers, by introducing new features and plans.

Thinkific And LearnWorlds offer a very close comparison. While it may seem like an argument over who’s superior but it’s all about the features you’re seeking.

For example, Thinkific has a more user-friendly interface. They offer a no-cost plan, making them a good choice for new course content creators or single course creators. They’re targeted towards single course creators, however they can also cater to larger institutions.

On the other hand, LearnWorlds is better suited for large corporations, establishments or course companies. While they don’t offer an affordable plan however, their 14-day trial should be enough to check if they are suitable for your needs.

Both platforms offer the tools for marketing that’s similar to each other. You can also integrate your marketing integrations to assist with your campaigns.

The Thinkific interface is preferred If you’re looking for an interface that’s easy to use. You can easily browse and modify your information with the drag and drop editor. It’s very functional and accessible. You won’t be needing to take time to learn how to utilize the platform.

LearnWorlds On the other hand, can be intimidating, especially for beginners. It’s important to give yourself time to get used to the platform. Although it has a steep learning curve, you won’t experience any issues once you get the hang of it.


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Learning how to use LearnWorlds can be more difficult as there aren’t many tutorials available. Their customer service is also not as fast as Thinkific.

If you’re an institution or academy large establishment, LearnWorlds would be better suited for you. However, if you’re just beginning or offering a handful of courses only, then Thinkific would be a better choice.

Thinkific . Podia

Thinkific as well as Podia both have the same starting prices. Both provide great options to help build your online course.

Podia is simpler to use and has more video-based features. It’s not as engaging as Thinkific however, if you rely on videos to teach your classes Podia might be better for you.

Podia also provides marketing tools such as mass emailing. With Podia you can mail out one-off newsletters or simply to a targeted list of customers. To help with the growth of your company, they provide a feature that lets you to keep track of the performance of your emails. You can even send drip campaigns.

There are other options that will help you build your website for your online course. You can also host webinars and share replays of live webinars. Additionally, webinars can be scheduled ahead of time or live.

As for connecting with your students, Podia has a live chat tool. Your students can utilize chat to communicate with your team directly.

The two platforms Thinkific and Podia can integrate with other platforms such as Zapier, Google Analytics, and Paypal. The only distinction is that you be able to integrate two levels in the case of Zapier. The limits also differ depending on what type of Thinkific plan you choose.

So which one is the most effective?

Podia’s price is less expensive than Thinkific but it comes with most of the tools for marketing you require. You can also offer memberships and digital goods alongside your courses, whereas with Thinkific it is only possible to sell your classes on their own.

The platform is also easier to use than Thinkific. However, it’s not as flexible as the former.

Alongside the drag and drop feature as well as their CSS and HTML code, you also have access to the CSS and HTML codes. Furthermore, the free plan allows users to discover what can accomplish using Thinkific. But, the only limitation is that it’s not able to provide all the tools for marketing you need to promote your courses. Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

If you’re hoping to provide an experience that is similar to a classroom, Thinkific will be better suited to your needs. If you’re planning to offer digital products or memberships with your course, then Podia could be the ideal platform for you.


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Thinkific Vs. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a good platform to connect with your students as they offer membership sites. Both Mighty Networks and Thinkific offer free plans to help you test the waters. However, if you want to pursue the paid options, Mighty Networks start at $23 each month and can reach as high as $81.

On the other hand, the Thinkific paid plan starts at $49 per month , and can go as high as $4999 for a month. Additionally, the prices can be increased, particularly if you need more tools and features for your online courses.

Mighty Networks, on the contrary is focused on creating active participation within your community. They offer membership sites and additional tools that can connect your community. Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

If you’re seeking to improve the number of people who interact with your community, Mighty Networks is just the tool for you. Apart from that, you can quickly cost your members through this platform. It’s available in all their plans including the free one. Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

Yet, Thinkific has better sales and marketing tools when compared to Mighty Networks. Even though Mighty Networks is more reliable with community engagement, Thinkific can offer students more engagement in the course or the materials.

Thinkific is a great platform that can work well no matter if you’re a small-scale business or a major enterprise. It is easy to grow your business by using Thinkific. In addition, the platform has an array of pricing options. You can also have your plan customized to meet the needs of your business.

In addition to customizing your plans, you will have more flexibility in the way you present and market your online course with Thinkific.

Mighty Networks is also a excellent option for selling courses. However, it’s more appropriate for those looking to increase your community and brand engagement. It could even assist you to create membership websites without spending too much.

Furthermore, Mighty Networks offers cheaper plans compared to Thinkific. It’s a great budget alternative should you are finding the latter to be too restrictive for your needs.


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Wrap Up Thinkific Vs Absorb Lms Blog

So which exactly is the most effective platform? For some sections, there just seemed to be a lot of squabbles with no obvious winners. This is something we can’t emphasize enough – the best platform will be the one that’s appropriate to your objectives and your business.

Let’s start with Thinkific.

If you’re in search of an online platform that includes all the necessary tools for starting your business, then Thinkific is perfect for you. They not only offer an affordable plan, but they can also be used even if you’re not familiar with this type of enterprise or if you’ve been able to grow into a larger establishment.

Kajabi is better suited for those who are more focused on marketing and generating traction for their online course.

Teachable is an excellent tool for teachers who are looking to monitor your performance. It can provide you with the information you require to make improvements to your classes.

LearnWorlds can help establishments, and academic institutions create online courses at an affordable price.

Podia is a fantastic affordable option for Thinkific. It can also assist you to engage effectively with your students.

, Mighty Networks can help you create the best membership and community engagement for your class. If you’re looking to build the kind of community you want for your students and students, then Mighty Networks.


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