Meet our 2016 Spring Conference Presenters!

May 21, 2016 Spring Conference

Indian Education: Overview of Policy to Pedagogy

Learners will explore how American Indian education represents best practice by expanding understandings of diversity and equity. They will also gain personal perspective that will equip them as educators to advocate for American Indian students. Session leaders Ramona Kitto Stately and Dr. Rev PM Crowley Hillstorm will provide an overview of historical foundations surrounding American Indian education and the relationship and responsibilities between the US Government and American Indian people. We will also dispel the myth of data irrelevances as it pertains to the American Indian educational experience. Extend the conference dialogue through additional summer training that will provide multiple perspectives and a regional context on Indigenous issues.

Ramona Kitto Stately is a enrolled member of the Santee Sioux Nation. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dakota Art and Culture and and is a Masters of Education candidate 2015 with a focus on Teacher Leadership. She has coordinated and directed the Success for the Future grant for ISD279 Osseo Area School District. The purpose of this Indian Education program is to enhance the cultural identity of the Native American child and promote post secondary options. Her greatest accomplishment is being the mother of two children, Jillian and Reuben. She is an accomplished artist who makes plains style moccasins. She believes that this is not only a traditional shoe covering, but a representation of the path we choose to walk in this life. She says “As indigenous people today, we have to walk in two worlds and be successful in both. If we use our native identity and traditional values as a foundation, we can walk forward into the future with confidence and success.”

Dr. Rev Hillstrom’s undergraduate studies in Music and American Indian Studies at Augsburg College gave rise to his Masters’ studies at Bethel University in Ethnomusicology and eventually lead to a Doctorate in Teaching and Learning from the University of Minnesota. As an educator, he blends his creativity and culture into a transformative learning experience for ALL students. Rev incorporates varied learning styles and techniques into curriculum so that students of all races, ethnicities, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds have the opportunity to be lifelong learners. His indigenous worldview, artistic talents and sincere generosity engage students of all ages and abilities at their very core. Hillstrom’s approach to education connects his own intuitive insight with intrinsic values of participants to create deep, rich learning experiences. From Kindergarten to graduate school, Rev has shared his gifts, challenging students to grow in their understanding of who they are, and what their relationship is with the world around them. As a leader for educational excellence and equity Dr. Hillstrom currently serves Osseo Area Schools as the Director of the Office of Educational Equity. He also has helped to promote educational excellence and equity by serving with regional and national organizations including the Minnesota Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the Global Learning Advisory Board for the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minnesota Educational Equity Partnership, the Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation and is a consultant for the Pacific Educational Group and World Savvy. Dr. Hillstrom’s recent work includes presentations at several national conferences and the publication of his book Educational Settings Impact on Minnesota American Indian Academic Proficiency.