Nov 6, 2019 New Teacher Support Summit Afternoon Break-out Sessions

Break-out sessions will be the afternoon’s focus. Presenters are Minnesota educators representing the diversity of schools districts across the state.

Communication: The Foundation of Professional Growth - As the old saying goes, the biggest mistake we make when it comes to communication is our assuming that it's actually taking place. If we are to help teachers change the lives of students through effective instruction, we need to "have a check-up from the neck up" about our own communication skills. In this session you will learn how you can more effectively communicate with teachers, those new to the profession and those in the middle of their career and beyond. 

Facilitator - Steve Stromme is an educator with forty years of experience as a classroom teacher, coach, resource teacher, curriculum coordinator, staff development coordinator, work-based learning teacher coordinator, and district communications director. He has a proven track record of helping administrators and teachers not only survive, but thrive, in their respective schools by helping them strengthen their communication skills.


Leveraging Teacher Leadership: Tapping Into the Experts - School leaders hold an important role in developing teacher leaders, which is enhanced through creating a positive and trusting learning culture, communication, data collection, and instructional feedback. In this session, you will learn about how developing teacher leadership opportunities might look in your school. This session will explore the importance of developing teacher leaders and creating opportunities for teacher leaders to serve your school.

Facilitators - Ann Mitchell, Principal Leadership Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education; Todd Van Erp, Principal Leadership Specialist, Lakes Country Service Cooperative; Alicia Fischer, Principal, St. Cloud Apollo High School; Becky Estrada, Principal, St. Cloud Discovery Elementary School


Layers of Support For All Teachers: Succeeding In Creating A Culture Of Continuous Improvement - Lack of relevant professional development is one of the biggest reasons we see teachers, of all experience levels, leaving education.  At any given time, almost one-half of teachers are actively looking for a different job. Many former teachers report that a lack of professional development, growth opportunities, and support systems caused them to leave their educational positions.

Bringing teachers together, to create layers of support for peers can cultivate a growth mindset culture.  Engaging teachers in their own development, while also creating opportunities to help colleagues learn and grow, sets teachers up for success and helps to retain teachers while ultimately increasing the instructional quality for students.

Come with us to explore Wabuan-Ogema ‘s:  New Staff Mentorship, Grade Level Leads, and Instructional Coach frameworks.  Let’s work together to understand how we can support all staff as we build a collaborative culture in which teachers help teachers succeed in serving students.

Facilitators - Mindi Jenson, former classroom teacher, interventionist, and a Director of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment, served on St. Cloud State University’s Ignite board, supervised student teachers through Southwest State University, taught at St. Mary's University, and has presented nationally on Comprehensive Induction programing.  She is currently assisting part-time in the Waubaun-Ogema school district as an Instructional Literacy Coach;  Monica Pederson: New Staff Mentor at Waubaun-Omega; Lindsey Halverson: Grade Level Leader at Waubaun-Omega

Coaching New Teachers: When to Ask and When to Tell - During this session, we will explore how to use mediative questions to invite metacognition and foster reflection within new teacher support systems. We will explore when and how to reframe the mentors’ job from that of problem-solver to problem framers and developer of problem-solvers. Participants will start to explore how the principles behind Cognitive Coaching can help to develop the thinking processes of new teachers, build capacity, and develop self-directedness.

 Facilitator - Diane Daniels, Teacher of Highly Gifted Students, Former Instructional Coach at Minnetonka Public Schools


Diversifying the Teacher Workforce: Impacts on kids and community - Research has long established that teachers are the primary school-based factor affecting student achievement, but did you know that all students (particularly students of color and American Indian students) benefit when they are taught by teachers of color and American Indian teachers? In this interactive session, participants will explore indicators of inequities in our state and consider how the state context plays out in their local setting. Facilitators will guide participants through a critical collaborative inquiry process to discuss who benefits from the way things are and who does not, and what actions in the form of policies and practices might be taken at the state, district, and school level to repair inequities.

Facilitators -Tyler Livingston, School Support Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Education; Angela Mansfield, Teacher Effectiveness Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education


SUTR – The Saint Paul Public School Urban Teacher Residency Program - We will share a brief description of our innovative teacher residency program. We will specifically address our recruitment efforts, our aligned yearlong overview that includes the coursework and clinical experience and our multi-tiered induction support system. Attendees will learn about high touch recruitment strategies, support and retention strategies aimed at increasing the diversity in the SPPS school system to reflect the population of our students.

Facilitators – Danaya Franke, SUTR Supervisor, St. Paul Public Schools; Shelley Neilsen-Gatti, Associate Professor at University of St. Thomas